Van Persie Insults Arsenal And Arsenal Fans With New Statement

The cliche that the only constant in the sphere of existence is change certainly holds sway in many things. And such changes could either be good or bad depending on the circumstances.

And in most cases, footballers fits that bill a lot. None more so than the Dutch striker Robin Van Persie. The former Arsenal striker did the unthinkable when he forced a move to Manchester United in 2012 after much hangling over a contract where he demanded unrealistic terms.

Although, he had the option of moving abroad to PSG or Juventus, he choosed Manchester United. For him to now come out to say he is still a Gunner is not only preying on the senses of Gunners the world over, but an attempt to seek sympathy where there is none.

Hear him;

” I loved that club (Arsenal). The fantastic stadium. The public. The atmosphere.

“I am a real Gunner and will always be one.

“I never would have gone for the money, but wanted the change to take my career a bit further. And it turned out to be right decision.

“I won the title with Manchester United right away. And i must also say, Manchester United is a warm club. I feel happy there.”

Statements like the above only serves to open old wounds. He certainly insulted the senses of all Gunners by saying he is a real Gunner. The sympathy he seeks from such a statement is not present within the Gunner sphere. He won’t get it. Not after the way he insulted the club, it fans and his team mates by not only deriding all by a public statement, but by forcing a move to Old Trafford.

A gunner will not use love in the past tense to describe the club as he did in his statement. Which shows alot about what he truly is. And which means he is deceiving himself and not us Gunners.

A gunner at heart will certainly not celebrate in an inciteful way after the goal he scored against Arsenal at Old Trafford last season.

He has become just a footnote in the Gunners’ forklore for the way he behaved prior to his departure and after his departure. For all his undoubted talent, it took Arsene Wenger to tame his excesses and the conversion to a lethal striker holds much to the Frenchman who made him a top nine. For all the injuries and long years of absence as a result, what did he pay Arsenal with? An acrimonious departure to Manchester.

He is not called Van Judah for nothing and that is what he will remain within the consciousness of Gunners. Many will say a player has to look after it interest, yet if Arsenal and Arsene Wenger did not stand by him after those injuries, he won’t be what he is today. He showed a lack of class and his attempt to find sympathy is a lost cause.

As change is the only constant, to those in the Dutch team and Manchester United circles, he is Van Persie, but for Gunners, he remains and ever will be Van Judah and for that he should take is i am a Gunner talk to the abyss.





    1. You are taking it too hard on RvP! Every player has a dream. He wished he had that dream fulfilled at the Emirates, but Wenger and the Board just wouldn’t buy right. They were stingy. Remember that the season before he left he advocated that Arsenal brought in more players. But Wenger just wouldn’t do so.imagine what would have happened if Wenger brought in Carzola, Podolski and the host of quality midfielders we have now then? C’mon Gunners! Let’s be fair. Leave RvP alone!

      1. Are you stupid ? He left after we had already bought in giroud podolski and cazorla , they trained together pre-season and there is photographic proof . He is a traitor and gets what he deserved with Man U ( no champions league and a shit coach in moyes)

  2. He shouldn’t lie himself that his a gunner, because the he he celebrated afta scoring the team showed that u were rily tired so be contented wid ur new club coz ako as fans we nolong need u, u killed our heart afta picking intrest of joing man u, so we wish u the best

  3. Look, there are players like Ashley Cole who you can say this about. I predict one day Jack Wilshere will have the same said about him one day, but Van Persie, the sick note for years who caused unrest in the dressing room, who averaged 15 games a season, who miraculously recovered from injury whenever internationals came along, who came good just before his last contract negotiation was on the table – by being the top scorer in the Premiership …

    I always thought he was an arsehole, I expected him to be injured at United as soon as he became unhappy which was the case with Moyes there … but there is no way you can disbelieve he is a true Gooner. He was a Gunner too like he always wanted to be when he was a child growing up in Holland. He caused unrest because he said to players like Adebayor in the changing room the kind of thing us other fans were thinking and saying with each other. The guy is totally Arsenal, it cannot be denied.

    As for going to Man Utd, when the future life of your wife and Children are in the equation and it’s likely your last contract, you cannot put your loyalties to a football club before this. Anybody who thinks about this properly cannot deny this.

    Juventus, or wherever doesn’t matter. Arsenal had no chance of winning the league since he left, not with our woeful depth and the number of sicknotes. He was right to leave and if he stayed, I doubt he would be at the World Cup now, especially after Euro 2012. He would be doing his injury thing at Arsenal for half the money he is getting now, instead of a player who is likely to win a few more things before he retires.

  4. Thank you RVP. It was indeed the right decision. No hard feelings (The logical gunners get it). Your quality is missed. Trust, its torture to watch Giroud.

  5. Ambition is why he left! Yes wenger stood by him when injured. But wenger also stays loyal to diarby .AND how much has he cost the club? Wenger is a pathetic excuse for a football coach/ manager!and all the times the mongs and the board stand by him because its all about profits .most of the quality players that have left the club have gone on to win trophies.we have one ONE fa cup to show for the last 9 years.AND he still at the club. Grrrrrrrrrrrr!

    1. Another boring anti Wenger story Grrrrrrrr…..lets look forward instead of backwards.
      And i disagree I believe Arsene is still the best for Arsenal lets build positively on our first trophy in 9 years, if Arsenal went out of business for not being profit minded what would you have to say then????

  6. I understand Wenger has a 100million warchest and I’ve had some comentors say Arsenal need to sign at least five world class players to add depth to our current squad in order to challenge for the title but I don’t think our manager will use even half of that budget.let’s wait and see.Im a great fan of ARSENAL and WENGER himself. “”gunner for life””

  7. You are a sick person, your hate for Wenger is too much, get therapy for a cure. He left because he wanted money, and RVP moaned so much about him being paid equal to Rooney, MONEY was the reason, no matter what he can say.

  8. I don’t blame RVP for leaving Arsenal and joining man utd on that time coz every football player wants to finish his carrier having won Trophies/Medals.

  9. The ultimate treacherous scum bag, cares nothing about whatever club he plays for it just about him and the money. When he found out Rooney was being paid more than him, rather than help his club out of it’s problems, he went off to tap up the new manager – says it all really. Wish we’d never supported him for 7 years for nothing.

  10. Dont also forget football is their business its their profession. Its what they do to earn a living if you have an opportunity for a better place youl do the same thing he did every person wants better… You should consider so many factors before judging rvp!. If he says he is still a gunner true talk cause i dont expect him to forget the people who made him who he is now so very quickly he would still have them at heart. Dont also heap the blame on him.. What happens to wenger who refused to sign players? What happens to the board of the club?? If they didnt want him leaving they would have agreed to his terms.. Please stop judging these players.. I wonder what would be said about sagna… (-,-) if this were nasri that was talked about this way that would have been fair..

  11. It’s not that he left, which I’m sure was a mix of football and money reasons. He wanted the title- he is ALL football. However, that doesn’t make him a nice person. He has always had his fair share of attitude problems. But what makes him can Judas is more about how he handled it: leaving Arsenal, Manure arrival and now. He just wants to be loved but doesn’t have any clue about class and respect- 2 things you need in addition to football skills to be a legend.

  12. You are the one who is insulting us. All you do is moan, whinge and whine and write rubbish articles with sensational titles. Many people have jilted a partner they would, on hindsight, rather have kept. If you have not experienced such a feeling then you have not leaved yet. If an ex-player expresses remorse who are you to tell us it’s an insult? Clearly, RvP knows what happened to Fabregas who also while plying his trade in La Liga never stopped professing his undying love for the Gunners. Surely, RvP knows that his words of affection will not automatically buy him his locker key in the Arsenal change room so SHUT UP!

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