Wenger – Arsenal win a trophy every year!

It seems that Arsenal fans have been suffering from illusions when they keep reading that the Gunners have not won a trophy for the last seven years, because according to Mr. Wenger we have won one every single year that he has been in charge!

We may have come to believe that holding up a big shiny Cup and a victory parade is proof that you have won something, but obviously Wenger and the board have other ideas. Wenger said yesterday: “For me, there are five trophies,”

“The first is to win the Premier League, the second is to win the Champions League, the third is to qualify for the Champions League, the fourth is to win the FA Cup and the fifth is to win the League Cup.

“If you want to attract the best players, they do not ask: ‘Did you win the League Cup?’, They ask: ‘Do you play in the Champions League?’”

You see we should be celebrating our success really rather than moaning about the lack of silverware. Ivan Gazidis also thinks that Arsenal have been a brilliant success. “The only way you can really judge over time is by looking at a club’s record and its league performance against its spending,” he said. “We have outperformed that spend every year for 15 years.”

Again the fans are looking at it wrong, success is NOT measured by winning things on the pitch. In the world of the Arsenal Board success is measured by finishing in fourth place without spending any money. To me, thats like playing the lotto and thinking you have got a jackpot with just four numbers!

Arsenal fans can be so stupid sometimes…….




  1. Good day Mr. Le Professeur. We are not disputing your statement that record in a club is what makes its dignity yes. But persistance failure also makes the record to fade and the Boss and the board should know that supporting a club is all about how well you can speaks of your club in the faces of the opposition. Now tell me do you want us to keep saying that we won trophies in the last seven years? Please do something this policy is not good for us and we are totally against it.

  2. thats being stupid for wenger and gazid trying 2 come up wth a lame excuse… tha fact is arsenal played pathetic football.. jst tell us wats happening at arsenal.

  3. Wenger & the board åяε the most stupid in the whole world. How does qualification for CL equavelent to winning a silverware. They dumb for not knowing that it is so emotionalfor the fans.

  4. Mr. Wenger, it’s a shame to come up with a statement like this. You’re beginning to despise yourself in my eyes.

  5. Now I quitely understand the problem faced arsenal fc for the past few years, wenger and the boards said it themselves their main priority every season is to qualify for champ league – ANALYSIS – this is what lead to the departure of players because they perceived the wenger and the boards aim. (2) wenger and the boards knew from last few years that arsenal cannot win any silver wares rather to just secure uefa qualify including this and coming years. Which obviously shows wenger and the boards’ interest on the finance of the club, so I think all the fans should by now how wenger and the boards think of arsenal success. The question is – is it the success is of silverwares, recognition of arsenal fc in Europe or about money? FIgure it out.

  6. mr wenger,good words from him but how long we’re wait for arsenal board, deceives fan.well am not surprise for that, but wait a minute fans what is it our gain for waiting for trouphyless seven year spending money,waste of time wacthing match for seven year ha ha. those people are very wicked deceiving us bad board

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