Wenger – I’m Criticized By Nobodies!

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger lashed out on everybody who keeps criticizing the team saying that he gets criticism from people who haven’t proved any skills so far in football.

Arsenal deserves to be criticized now after this horrible turn of events because it’s crazy to think that halfway through the season Arsenal is already out of every possible trophy fight.

“The competition is very hard in England. I do not want to speak too much about that. We can speak a long time about that one day.

“At the moment we have to forget all that and focus on our next game and try to win it. We have won our last away game in the Premier League so let’s win our next one at home.”

“It depends what you call a crisis. Every time we lose a game we have a crisis. Our job is about winning and playing well.

“We will get criticism but I feel that is a bit hard on the team.

“At the moment I get many lessons from many people who have managed zero clubs and zero games and zero European games.

“We have played 15 years in the top four, which is a mark of our consistency.”

Now, Wenger’s right when he’s saying that for 15 years Arsenal have played in the Champions League, but that’s getting a bit old. In the meantime Manchester United is piling trophies year after year and that can’t be easy on Arsenal’s fans, so the Frenchman should either start transferring players or leave because his method was proven wrong year after year. Don’t you think so?




  1. Talk is cheap, arsene wenger, but actions speak louder than words..and at the moment the performance of your team really sucks! Defend yourself by all means but do not disrespect the fans’ views either. The fans pay high ticket prices at Emirates and you think they are not entitiled to voice out their views and frustrations. You must be dumb if you ever question their loyalty to the club.

  2. That just shows the comtempt Wenger has for the supporters, calling us a bunch of nobody’s.
    Without us there would be no Arsenal. I have always been pro Wenger, but he is losing it, both on and off the pitch, time to go, time for Pep, Jose, or Rijkaard to build a new Arsenal.
    The king is dead, long live the king !!

    Thank you for everything Arsene, aur reviour (excuse my French) from one of the nobody’s out there . . . . .

  3. You prick are twisting his words which most pricks like you and journalists love to do. All he’s saying is he’s getting lessons from ppls who tells him how he should run the team,what tactics he should adopts and down to which players he must buy whenever the team lose. His statement is a fair one esp when those who jump on him each time the team lose don’t have a clue on what going on or any inside knowledge on what’s actually happening. Duh!

  4. Yeah listening to Keane (sacked for failing at every club he has managed), and Southgate,(sacked for taking Middlesboro down)trying to tell him how to do a good job, when clearly they cant even be compared to him, When you listen to Southgate jumping on the bandwagon saying ‘look at the way Sqillaci left the field,looking like he didnt care’ when clearly the guy was totally pi$$ed off that he had got to play, then got injured, should stick in anyones craw, they cant do any job but be an ‘ITV pundit’ yet feel qualified to critisise Wenger,
    Wengers not perfect but hes a better manager than Keane or Southgate and he would be a better TV pundit as well.

    1. Even terrible managers are right to observe and comment on the massive and obvious failings at Arsenal. Wenger’s job is done, it’s all over but the sacking, he’ll not change his ways and the board that’s allowed this to go on must also go.

  5. When you read comments from people like Adam Kemp and Danny Griffiths you can understand where it is he is coming from.
    We still have pride and fourth place to play for in the league this season and then lets see what transpires from the board and new signings for next season.
    After all gooners, dont we sing out loud and proud “once a gooner always a gooner”?

  6. Well said Kean!
    ManU might be piling on the trophies like you say but they’re also piling on the debt! Short-sighted and ignorant pricks that will all disappear when the football bubble bursts!

  7. Teenage pimple picking scribes, who have never even played the game, never mind managed a team are pathetic in their total inadequacy.

    “In the meantime Manchester United are piling up trophies year in year out”. Which trophies are they piling up this year? VERY rich comment about a team that was Basle Brushed out of Europe and kicked out of the FA Cup – both events before Arsenal AND are only one of three (including Arsenal) chasing City who will win the league this season.

    Go to Red Rants and you’ll find teenage pimple picking scribes up their saying things like ” so the Scotsman should either start transferring players or leave because his methods are out of date. He’s past it.

    Don’t give up your day job. You will not make it as a scribe.

  8. Right now there is no context where what he said could be acceptable. The team is playing pathetic soccer with no passion and no drive. They are out of all trophies and we are battling for forth place. We have been here before. We got out of all competitions in a matter of weeks in the past few seasons. This time we got out of the competitions earlier. Our forth place was always guaranteed, winning the league was what we failed to do. This time round our target is now forth place and we are going to fail because this team can not achieve anything it sets itself to do. Is that an unfair assessment? I have not coached even a kindergarten team but that is easy for anyone to see. Wenger does not realize that he is flogging a dead horse and the players that he protects do not want to play or fight for him. He doesn’t have it anymore and big players that we all want don’t want to come anymore. Who wants to stay or come to a team with no ambition? That is what we are now. Not a selling club as we are sometimes labeled we are a team with no ambition. Period.

  9. Furthermore, when he was doing well he was being praised all round. He didn’t complain that he was being praised by people who never coached. Fans are passionate and we know what we want as fans not as coaches. He must do the coaching and get the BSG out of squilacci, Arshavin, Chamak, Denilson, bedntner, gervinho, Walcott, fabianski, almunia and Diaby. These are players who have been broken by Lord Wenger. They came as promising or established stars until they were broken into mediocrity. Don’t you think the Hazards, Gotzes and other stars of this world don’t see that. They do and they stay away. Bring a hungry manager with something to prove and you see things turning. Players used to love to play for arsenal even for peanuts. Not anymore, now they want to see money first then they consider.

  10. Wenger has spent the 13th most on players in the PL since 2006 but has never had his team finish lower than 4th. If he spent more he’d be able to buy a better calibre or player and his total football style would work well, as it is he has his team playing the way Barcelona does but with a lower quality of player trying to impliment the style, sometimes it works, sometimes it fails.

    Wenger isn’t perfect, he should understand that a lower quality player won’t always be able to perform in that style and he should create a plan b for Arsenal to use in games when it’s not going their way, however, I can’t think of many managers that could have spent the 13th lowest amount of money since 2006 and still maintain our top 4 status. He’s got his faults but he’s actually a brilliant manager, why need to know why he isn’t spending in the transfer market – are there restrictions we aren’t aware of?

    Anyway, I love Arsenal, not just Arsenal with trophies and Wenger has been brilliant for our club over the years.

  11. All you Wenger haters – arsene has kept arsenal in the top flight consistenly, with a f***ing tight budget. With the new financial fairplay rules being introduced wenger will soon lead Arsenal to great victories, because of his fantastic ability to snatch young talents and turn them into star players.

  12. If I may add my two cents; Arsene is trying to make use the hand he was dealt! He would love to have Hazard (close to world class, tons experience true winger/ATM) instead of forcing Ramsey (more of a box to box mid). He wanted to keep Nasri/Cecs but they know Arsenal policies and they have served well. We are in trouble in all fronts because of pressure of taking years off (stadium built, young team whatever you call it). Plus unfortunate injuries! Wilshere/Diaby would have won us games. Per/Kol/TV would have won us lots games had they stayed healthy. Full backs don’t get me started. even Robin Ramsey injuries cost us games earlier years….. So quit winning and love to support your team through bad times. Because It isn’t only about Wenger it is complicated! What I don’t like though his preference of buying Captains of national teams…. Cech R, Isreal, Morroco, Belgium, Welish….. My point great individual players for negotiating peace treaty with Iran lol. Do they have the sto
    ack to fight back when teams hunt the ball like packs of three( Spuds/ Milan/ Sunderland and more) the answer is no. The professor doesn’t take risks he collects players he can easly work with. and they are loosing the fight before the battle even started. And that is his only critizism in my book. Cheers gooners.

  13. He wasn’t having a swipe at the fans, more like Gareth Southgate and the other know nothings who talk as though they have been there done it and got the trophy.

    After publishing this garbage, you now have zero credibility when it comes to writing about Arsenal!!

  14. A cheap trick with the title. That’s not what Wenger said. What he said is: I’m an experienced manager with a great record, and yet I’m constantly lectured by people who have no experience in managing professional teams. If you can’t understand as simple a statement, you should perhaps read it again before thinking up the title. It twists the whole story.

  15. The team was dominating yesterday, then we get another injury: Coquelin, another change for Verm another partner for a tentative Djourou playing again at centre half after weeks filling in as an emergency full back, Squillaci comes on to play first competitive game in months, after months of stupid abuse on sites like this even though he hasn’t even been playing!

    I disagreed with team selection yesterday but there was plenty of effort; Sunderland played like men possessed after they got their goal. Ramsey should have been subbed immediately after his injury, Squillaci is injured, three injuries in one game!!! Djourou has three different partbers in one game. Anyone who has played football at any level can tell you what that is like. Over summer we lost Casc, Nasri and Wilshire through injury A world class midfield), we also lost Diaby, now we have lost Meersacker, on Saturday we played witout our best defender of the season in Koscielny. So who exactly should Wenger have bought in January??? Who did City and United buy, what about Spurs, oh yes Ryan Nelson and Saha….
    Wenger has made mistakes but be very very careful what you wish for……..

  16. Zdzis, hang on mate.
    This would mean the likes of Andrie, Danny Griffiths, Adam Kemp and Adrian Durham (of talk rubbish sport) would have to do some researching, thinking, homework AND be true gooners!!!
    Theres as much chance of that happening as Kroenki selling to Usminov… mores the pity!!!

  17. The fans are NOT nobodys. Many fans know a great deal about the game and in various ways have been proved right where M. Wenger has been wrong. Without the fans there would be no club.

  18. the title is spot on. Wenger says the people trying to lecture him know nothing about running the game of professional football. People like us fans?…..wow wenger that is spot on….this man needs to go.enough toying with our emotions.

  19. Wenger should leave,can u believe that praising players that are not performing on the bigger stage,it sucks men,milan and sunder they are well determined to play us,they are competitive and have strong characters,where i we heading Mr wenger with ur kids who are under performing,the likes of Theo,Rambo,Sebastian,Jourou,Abu,Gibbs,this players are not good enough to play 4 our team.Change ur policy my friend,we are not saying the guys are not playing the beautiful game,if there is competition,desire,team spirit,believed we can do something in every season trust me,each season this month show how strong we are and each time we fail.One thing i do observe is that wenger dont have total control of the players trust me this is the one of the main problem we are leading games at the start at the end of the game we loose,we loose games that we are totally in control off,and also the body language is not good on this current squad,there is no respect 4 this big players in the team,the likes of charmach andrey,yussi,rosc,this are amazing players when they are played in the right position.

  20. Okay, it’s a twisted article but, lets gets get back to reality. Seven years without anything to show for it. The team is worse now than ever before. The club is happy to sacrifice trophies for a top 4 finish only. Why aim this low when even the likes of the spuds are aiming higher? If average is when we should be content with then why bother? This league is about being the best in the world and is watched world-wide. If you bring home the goods (silverware) the cash and fans will follow for sure. Noticed the empty seats at the Emirates lately?

  21. If he had taking the advice from we he calls nobodies, things would’nt av gone bad this way. The problem with wenger is proudness, he thinks he is the wise one on earth and thats why he remains fool and failiure. Sometimes i wonder why he does’nt see things the way the whole world see. His opinion is always wright even its contuary to everybody

  22. Accepting that budgets and injuries as reasons for poor play for 7 years is lacking ambition. The effects of the stadium on Arsenal is over played. Arsenal had opportunity to get new blood in when it could. Not from budget perspective but as an attractive club that played soccer well and had prudent management. Unfortunately Wenger wanted to do it with his own team. A project that failed dismally. A combination of bad resourcing strategy and stubborn tactics got us to this point. Wenger plays no other formation than the one he has played for past 5 years. Regardless of the players he has at his disposal he plays one way.

  23. Well, it actually shows how bad the manager is now. Frankly i’m 100% certain i can do a better job than the senile frenchman now, just like i’m certain if i got into a fight with my granddad i know i’l win. He may call me what he wants that’s business. A decade ago when i knew less i chanted that he knew best, he was happy &forgot i’d coached professionally, now i say he doesn’t know anymore his memory suddenly improves, well if it makes more sense the voyeur, a multiple european winner -mourinho thinks so too


  25. the fanz re’ right. we loose games ashamedly…..own goals, confusions at the box, comebacks like the newcastle one…wenger’s an ignorant coach who has weird visions of young inexperienced players achieving glory. he should recall that he won trophies without the slick passing game but rather with speed of players…the likes of henry,pires ,bergcamp,ljungberg,wiltord…who could run,twist,turn and take a shot a any possible available chance.He practically would have wasted cesc n Nasri rendering their careers trophiless not to mention young, eager Wilshere. I propose WENGER’S EXIT COZ WE SEEK GLORY.

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