Wenger offers congratulations to Chelsea

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has given his congratulations to Chelsea for taking home the Premier League trophy this season, but warned things will not be as easy in the European football nest season.

Antonio Conte’s team claimed the title with a 1-0 thrashing of West Bromich Albion on Friday night having regained their lost form after a 3-0 loss to the Gunners back in September.

Arsenal are still nurturing hopes of a Champions League spot next season, but in spite of a recent improve in their play, their two remaining fixtures against must end in their favor. Their only hope lies in their opponent having a bad run in the final week of the season or Manchester City and Liverpool missing a spot.

“(After) what we have seen this season, I congratulate Chelsea for what they have done, but you see as well, when they play in Europe it will be a different story. They’ve done well, congratulations, but in the last two seasons a team that hasn’t played in Europe has won the league,” Wenger told reporters.

“It will be a different season because they will have to play Saturday-Wednesday-Saturday (due to Champions League matches). I feel in Spain, Real Madrid can win games by playing some at a lower percentage of the maximum than you can in England. Maybe they are as well better than us. Bayern is similar – they dominate the German championship in a very easy way.

“Seventy-five points will be a decent total [for Arsenal this season]. The players have responded after a difficult period. We could have gone divided but we have chosen to be united and that’s what you see on the pitch. I felt we had a difficult week because we had to play Manchester United, go to Southampton and then Stoke, places where traditionally we have struggled, but it shows when confidence is high and the team is focused, it is possible.”

Arsenal will be clashing with Chelsea in the FA Cup final later this month, but before that, they face Sunderland and Everton in their two remaining league fixture.


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