Wenger – You MUST see a different Arsenal against Man City

Arsene Wenger didn’t pull his punches when he criticized the Arsenal players after their disatrous defeat by QPR, but he is certain that his team need to get over it quickly and make sure they are much more alert for next week’s crunch game against Man City at the Emirates.

Wenger said: “We have to take the distance and put things into perspective. We have to come back to basics, that means to win football games and win your fights first,”

“We have to play as well like we do. It is disappointing to lose a big run in the way that we did it.

“The City game is a good opportunity to put things right again, of course,”

“I believe we will see a different Arsenal on Sunday, but I can tell you as well that it will be needed.

“We know we have to win every single game and that is why it is so disappointing to lose.”

The loss to QPR was even more devastating after seeing Arsenal play so brilliantly in the previous run of wins. It must be a mystery to Wenger how the team can change so completely from one week to the next. It couldn’t have been anything to do with the addition of Ramsey to the side, could it?




  1. Ramsey is poo. Let’s accept it now. He messes up our forward attacks, has no flair, and he just isn’t the same as he was before the injury. He never will be. When you have Rosicky who’s flourishing in Ramsey’s previous position, then Ramsey must be benched.

    Sir Chesney, Sagna, Koscielny, Vermaelen, Santos/Gibbs, Song, Arteta, Rosicky, Oxlade-Chamberlain, RVP, Walcott.
    Oxlade-Chamberlain has had plenty of rest as of recent, time to unleash him against the Mancs. He tore them apart in the FA cup tie too.

    That leaves Benayoun and Gervinho for the wide positions, Ramsey, Chamakh (lol nevermind), Djourou, Gibbs/Santos and Flappyhandski.
    God forbid we have to bring on Chamakh, Djourou, Ramsheep or Flappyhandski.

  2. The left back position still concerns me but apart from that Sagna, Kosciency, Vermaelen and Gibbs are at the back for the City game. Arteta and Rosicky have earned their place in mid field and I for one would put Song on the supply route in the hole. Ox-C and Walcott cover the wings and (`old man faithful`) RVP in the middle. Not putting too fine a point on it, they tell me the weather is beautiful in Wales; we`ll manage.

  3. ramsey is not poor , you cant expect him to perform at high level after such a bad injury …he has potential and when he comes back to his best, i l see u the same guys applauding him so dont write off any 1 lik dat….it was the same like rosicky after his 18 months injury where he was underperforming and every1 wanted to sell him and now every1 happy dat he signed a new contract so its about time and wenger knows how to bring the best out of him and the loss against qpr does not go down to ramseys performance its d whole team and so jus t start supporting the team as we have a big game agnst mancity next week..COYG..

  4. Ramsey is crazy, look back in to the game the balls he wasted instade of giving to van persi, that makes him stupid like his co@ch…………

  5. Why does every1 keep making excuses for Ramsey I was 1of his biggest supporters and I honestly thought he was quality, but it’s clear to see he just hasn’t got the quality to be an arsenal first 11 player a great player to have on the bench but that’s it he has no vision it’s like he plays with blinkers on and the same for arteta at everton he was more of a play maker now for us all he does is slow everything down and pass it between him the defence and midfield it’s like he doesn’t even know RVP is on the pitch???? Message to arteta THAT’S SONGS JOB!!!!!!!

    1. Arteta doesnt play the same position as when he was in Everton shirt..att mid at everton^holding mid at Arsenal..

  6. What’s wrong with you people?
    Ramsey’s done many great things for the club this year – his first full PL season mind you.
    He was deployed in a, for him, somewhat new position and he didn’t really find his feet. But then again neither did Verm and RvP. Should we bench them as well?
    We’ve had a good run now and hopefully this was just a bump in the road to third (or second).
    What Arsenal have done to deserve such ungrateful fans are beyond me. Namecalling for your own players Julius? Shame on you, you are so not a true Gooner.

  7. That lose was to come solong as we continue using Ramsey and rest fit players like Oxlade, we shall have to lose more games.

    When Ramsey was injured we won lots of games that enabled us to be where we are. Please Wenger stop your experiments, we at at the final part of the tournament and we cant afford to lose ant more.

    With Ramsey in against Man City, just count another lose. Play the team that has been winning us games.

  8. We didn’t have the right tactics for park the bus and catch us on the break. I think we needed a 3-5-2 tactic.
    Ramsey would’ve done fine in that tactic on the left and cut inside for the overlap by the full back.
    Let’s hope for better play at home this weekend.

  9. Honestly speakin,the whole tim was appalling,but vermalen and ramsey were at the fore-front of d whole ish.i still cant fathom y wenger chooses to play ramsheep in an advanced attackin role,isnt dat suposed to be arteta’s job,afta 16 yrs you’d thot wenger had learned?

  10. Yes he s a gr8 player bt in this form, he doesn’t deserve to be in the starting line up, how can u bench AOC an Gervinho at the same and start with Ramsey? rem we r desperate for top 4, Wenger shouldnt look talent over form, nd he cant be talented over either of the wing players. COMMON SENSE

  11. The Question should be: Does Rambo deserve to start ACM? Over Rosicky. Wing? Over OX and Gervinho! The Boss said yes… Because he started him. Should we blame Ramsey! In my opinion No. He did it against Villa and we get away with it. Tactically Arsene preferred more midfield cover and didn’t want adventurous/direct wingers (OX and Gervinho), it
    Back fired against the Rangers and Taye T was able to sit back against Theo because there was no threat from the other wing! I think Aaron will come good and is the future of Arsenal along with host of young players. But for now he should compete with Arteta either or should play… Both on the pitch makes us too predictable and slow enough opponents reorganize and sniff out danger… Leave the lad alone he is got motor and will develop. I remember Arshavin not covering for LW… Denilson (not much of defensive Mid), NB52 on the wings, Vela for 3 minutes… I love and respect and appreciate the boss and coaches but sometimes they push their lack little too far. When players are available and only in one competition! No excuse to get the team selection wrong… Cheers… By the wat TV was at culprit for both goals… Gave us 6 points took 3, gotta live with it. Cheers gooners…..

  12. Ramsy is a joke!
    Useless over rated player that is loved only by stubborn emotional so called arsenal fans.
    Mainly teen welsh girls and some desperate English 14 year olds.
    As a player he is nothing.
    We keep using the leg injury as justification to his pathetic goal scoring record and weekly under par performance !
    Never a cesc , Nasri, arteta or Rosicky replacement.
    How people fail to see that when he’s on the bench we win so easily is a mystery.
    Ramsy must be sold for any future to this club.
    Enough failed youth crap and a proper backup with quality is needed or else start accepting the facts we are a 6th place team below spurs!

    Wake up !!!

    If Ramsy is the quality you people accept then stop watching football cos you obviously have no idea what that’s about !!

  13. The prob with Arsenal fans is being ungr8ful, when Rambo scores he’s a Hero_when the team doesnt score he’s singled out awfully.. Atleast say he doesnt deserve the Starting XI slot..You never appreciate a thing_ Shame on you,

  14. Ramsey is a good player when he plays thru the middle but not wen he played on the wing like what he did last Saturday, he was not covering up in defence to Gibbs that’s why QPR was using that left side coz they knew Gibbs will be exposed without cover, i urge the Professor to play Ox or Gervinho next Sunday for the City game. I like Rambo very much and will always be a big fan of him. he fits well into our playing style and mind u people, this is his first full season and what more do you expect from him its like expecting a new kid from Japan to shine at Arsenal in his first season.

  15. Ramsey is gud average player befittin 4 a mid-table team,he does show flashes on his gud days bt his bad days re much, dere re several playas like him in d epl,s.ireland,s.pienaar etc they aint world klas bt gud playa.my real concern is arteta gud average slugish lacks pace,flair,creativity nd can’t even get past his marker,i tink if diaby or wilshere is fit will do abeta job dan him cos d key 2 midfield domination depend mostly on flair i.e first touch,ability 2 turn wit d ball,lose ur marker nd burstin runs 4rm d park jst consider barca mid trio,lets ope our qualities stays off injuries

  16. You lot are saying ramsey should be benched am saying ramsey should be sold or get loaned out for 7 seasons
    then he will be good enough for the arsenal bench

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