“Yes, Exactly” £180,000-A-Week UCL Finalist Hints At Arsenal Transfer Deal

The rumours that Wenger has been offered a new contract that will see him remain at Arsenal till 2019 has been dismissed by the Frenchman instead. According to Arsene Wenger, the reports are far from the truth and although he confirmed he could yet sign an extension to his contract, he has revealed it is not time for such at the moment.

The future of Wenger has been the subject of the media’s speculation in the last few weeks but the Times had broke a report which claim Wenger despite such a bad season has been given another conttract offer with the Arsenal board keen to get a reply from him before May 19.

This report had angered Arsenal fans majority of who now want him to leave the club at the end of his current deal in 2017.

“I will wait very late, yes,” he said, as quoted by the Mirror.

“Does that mean no talks with the club next season? Exactly.

“It’s not about me, it’s about the club. My role is just to serve the club as well as I can and after see where I stand and where the club is.

“I have to forget about myself even if people who want to create unrest won’t. I will continue to give my absolute best to do well next season and then after that, we’ll see. Have I decided what I will do privately? No.

“I extended my contract in a period that was vital for the club and after that I will see where I am personally and where the club stands at the end of my contract.”

Now that Wenger has denied the reports, hopefully the media will now let go. However, I personally think Wenger will end up signing another contract with the club. Like he himself has said, he is going to wait for the right time before deciding whether to stay or whether to go.

This can only be good for Arsenal and their fans. I see Wenger staying for another three years but he himself has finally accepted the fact that there will be no justification to stay he if he does not do well. And what this means in my opinion is that he will go all out this summer to bring in the right type of players for the us to give us a good chance of winning the title next season.

I am sure Arsenal fans won’t mind him staying another season if he does the right thing in the transfer window and Arsenal compete for the title next season till the end. The fans are not saying it is a must the club wins year in year out rather the complaints are as a result of the club’s inadequacy in the transfer market which ultimately affects the club in competitions.

One thought on ““Yes, Exactly” £180,000-A-Week UCL Finalist Hints At Arsenal Transfer Deal

  • May 19, 2016 at 3:34 pm

    20 years are more than enough of Wenger for Arsenal. As a football manager his achievements on the bitch and in building a wining squad will nor qualify him for further extension of this contract. Arsenal has the best chance this transfer window to sign the best world class players as Manchester United , Chelsea and Liverpool will not be playing in the Champion League next season , and Arsenal might not have such a chance again . Arsenal has not spent big money for years and they have accumulated enough money to build an outstanding squad , and get rid of the dead wood starting with Giroud and Mertsacker and Wenger will not do that because he has different interest. Arsenal interest should be above the manager any player and even the main shareholders. Will Wenger do that ???!!!


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