Samir Nasri likes big men with tattoos!

Now I know that Arsenal Fans are quite a noisy bunch, but it seems that they just don’t have enough tattoos for Samir Nasri, and they just aren’t passionate enough lol!

Nasri said on signing for the “Big Boys”: “The fans here are passionate. They remind me a little of Marseille. Arsenal have good fans but they are not as passionate since they moved from Highbury to the Emirates. I remember when we played against Manchester City [last season] and lost 3-0 and the crowd were amazing. That is what I want.

“When you play football you want a good atmosphere and the stadium is unbelievable. When I saw the fans, they had tattoos and were passionate and that’s what I want. I’m here to play football, enjoy it and win the title, not for the sun or something like that.”

Well you are certainly not going to get any Sun up there in Manc-Land, but lots of rain and passionate big boys with Tattoos…. Ooooh just how he likes it!

(And we thought he went there for the money lol!)