Nicklas Bendtner is a big-headed, ungrateful w*nker!

Can you believe the ignorance of the self-proclaimed “greatest striker in the world” Nicklas Bendtner. Arsenal and Arsene Wenger made him into the (extremely well-paid) footballer he is today, and Wenger supported him through all his embarrassing performances and self inflicted injuries and off-field problems.

So how does Mr Big Head repay this support? Like this; “I will never go back to Arsenal.” he said. “If I can have it my way, I will never play for them again. After my car accident I never really got the chance to earn a spot in the first team. That is over one-and-a-half years with no real chance to prove myself.”

So whose fault was it he smashed up his top-of-the-range supercar? Who paid his wages while he recovered? Who let him sow his oats with the Danish Baroness (Who he dumped once she had his baby) and became a celebrity in Denmark? Who kept the faith with him when he missed open goals and easy scoring chances?

Bloody Arsenal, thats who!

So as far as I’m concerned the big-headed, ungrateful w*nker can go f*ck himself!”