Wenger – Hell won’t be so painful after this summer!

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger finally admitted that he had a “summer of hell” and that this was the toughest period for him at Arsenal since he took over the club in 1996.

Wenger stated: “In my job you expect to suffer. So, that’s why, when I go to hell one day, it will be less painful for me than for you, because I’m used to suffering. I could write a book about the summer, I think it would be quite interesting.

“Not because of me but because of all that happened. It was quite unbelievable. And you would see that it was not as easy as it can look from the outside.”

The coach says that his summer was made especially difficult by losing two high quality players like Nasri and Fabregas despite his efforts to keep them. It is well known that Fabregas wanted to rejoin Barcelona for quite some time now, and the manager delayed the moment as much as he could. And as for Nasri, both the club and manager pressured the player into signing a new contract with them, but he was driven away from the club by the lack of trophies and by Fabregas’ desire to leave according to the player himself.

The second factor that made Arsene’s summer a bitter one was the very long list of injured players, who are not yet recovered. He said: “It was the most disturbed pre-season we’ve had since I have been here,”

“We lost two big players, then had the problem of the injuries as well.

“And then we had the fact that we could only complete the transfers very late.

“It’s very unlike Arsenal to do their business so late. But it explains why we are where we are at the moment. But it’s like we are starting now and we have to win the Swansea game first.”

If Wenger thinks that this summer was hell, it could get a whole lot worse if Arsenal don’t win comfortably against Swansea!