Arshavin – Everything is still not “right and correct” but Arsenal will be okay

The Russian forward Andrey Arshavin was the only scorer in the win that Arsenal just managed against Swansea on Saturday.

Arshavin took advantage of the mistake Swansea goalkeeper Vorm made and scored with a direct shot from a very acute angle in the 41st minute.

Arshavin spoke after the game about the importance of winning the first match in this season: “Yes I agree it is important to talk about the 1st three points, and now we went up, I look forward to the next game”

“At first I didn’t see what happened then I turned around and I saw the ball I front of me I just had to hit the ball properly. I’ve done well and the ball was in the net.”, said Arshavin about the goal.

When asked if Swansea made the game hard for them the forward answered: “I don’t think so, but we had some new players today, that’s why we need time to get used to it, and why maybe not everything was right and correct. We still have time that’s why I think that everything will be ok.”

Arshavin seems to be gaining form this season after a weak year he had last time around. With new attacking forcse coming to the club like Gervinho, Park and even the youngster Chamberlain, Arshavin will have to fight for a starting position. Gervinho was suspended today, and Park was not ready yet to play after just being transferred from Monaco, but once all players will be at full throttle, things will become difficult for the Russian.