Wenger – Arsenal can’t win the Champions League

Arsene Wenger doesn’t seem very confident that Arsenal can go a long way in the Champions League with the new fresh team he has created.

The coach thinks that other teams may have the upper hand due to their financial strength and willingness to spend a lot of money in order to bring at the club whatever player they need at one moment in time.

“I believe that this season, I see two teams that are above the rest – Real Madrid and Barcelona – and the rest have to catch up during the season,” Wenger said.

“So for us, it’s a new start because we are a new squad. What is at stake during the group stage for us is to show that we can go through.”

Wenger than spoke a little bit about the things that have changed since he joined the club: “We are in our 14th season in the Champions League group phase and what has changed is that the competition inside England has become bigger among the top teams.”

“It is as difficult to win the Champions League because a team that wins the Premier League is in the Champions League final almost every year.”

“Outside the country, Barça and Real Madrid have much more financial power than they had 14 years ago because they have individualised their TV rights. So they, at the moment, with teams like Man City and Chelsea can take who they want.”

Bottom line is that coach Arsene Wenger has lost a bit of that wishful thinking he had a few years ago. Perhaps the trophy drought is getting to him too and things became harder for him since he lost Nasri and Fabregas.

Do you think Arsenal stands any chance to winning the Premier League and perhaps reach the Champions League final?