Dortmund’s Kehl: “Arsenal scored a stupid goal”

Dortmund’s defensive midfielder Kehl was to blame for Van Persie’s goal. The prolific Arsenal striker stole the ball from him and managed to score afterwards, taking his team up 1-0.

Kehl declared after the game: “When you conceive such a stupid goal like the one I caused and you are chasing for it almost the whole match maybe you can be satisfied with one point. I think that we showed today that we can play at the same level and that gives us hope for the next matches

“I think we had Arsenal under control and we created some good chances. I think that we play a good football with our young team and we already showed that last year.

“Of course I was happy to play from the beginning after my time off injured. It would have been better without my mistake, but I worked hard on my comeback after my long injury and it was nice to be back. Certainly I would have been happier with a victory.”

Despite the mistake he played for 68 minutes and did not make a bad game given all the time he spent injured. Dortmund managed to draw the game 20 minutes after he went off the pitch and took a point from a very tough fixture.

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