Arteta – Fabregas advised me on Arsenal move

Arsenal’s newly transferred Spanish midfielder told the official club website that he and Cesc Fabregas were never friends. He did acknowledge though that he asked Cesc about his move to London from Liverpool after he just left Everton for Arsenal.

Cesc Fabregas managed to get through this summer with a life-long dream of his. He finally got the transfer back to Barcelona he was waiting for all these years, and left Arsene Wenger’s team with a big gap in the midfield.

The player who is seen as the next Fabregas for Arsenal is Arteta. Coming from the same country as Fabregas, Arteta is showing a set of skills very similar to the ones of Cesc. His dribbling is smooth, his passes are precise and he has a very good understanding of the game. Despite all these, Arteta and Fabregas never met in the same team, so they did not become friends.

“I talked to him the day after I signed the contract and he advised me on two or three things,” said Arteta.

“To be honest he was really nice to me.

“He advised me on the areas to live, about the team-mates, about the Club and how good it is and the people here. It was very good.

“We are not friends because we have never played together, but we know each other because we have some friends in common.” (

Arteta already marked all the appearances possible for Arsenal since he joined the club in the last day of the transfer season, and everybody expects him to be the future star of Arsenal. In my opinion, he has the potential to be Arsenal’s Xavi giving his playmaking skills, but they still need an Iniesta which cannot be played by Benayoun.

Perhaps Wilshere’s comeback will set things right. What do you guys think?