Wenger needs to be tougher on his misperforming players

Arsene Wenger seemed very disappointed by his players after the game at Blackburn, but he managed to keep his head cool like he always does. Instead of admonishing his players he chose to protect them and find, once mor,e excuses for the errors they have made. But is that really the best way to go about the job?

We have seen managers like Mourinho or Ferguson who are known about their aggressiveness winning everything there is to win, so I come and ask you, shouldn’t Wenger try the other approach and smack some sense in a couple of players?

He declared after the game: “You could see that the confidence in our defenders has gone a little bit and it is important to get it back,”

“It is important that we get our confidence back quickly. We made mistakes and, at this level, you cannot make the mistakes that we made.

“We were guilty because we made basic errors. But now you just have to focus on the next game.”

So as we expected, he pampered his players to make sure they wouldn’t break under pressure. Sure, sometimes when you are winning games and make a bad game that breaks your winning streak it’s a good thing to lift their spirits that way. But is it really a good approach when you can’t even tie two wins together in 8 played games since the season started?

The attack worked perfectly yesterday and Arteta ruled the midfield, but what can we say about Koscielny, Song and Ramsey? What did they do? What was in their heads? And most importantly, what is Wenger going to do about their performances?