Arsenal – The worst defence in the Premiership

Following Arsenal’s miserable start of the season with only 4 points in 5 games and a total of 14 goals received, the players started saying that they want a defensive coach to be brought in at the club.

With 14 received goals in the 5 games played, Wenger’s defence is the worst in the Premier League from this season ‘sstart. The only team to even come close to this counter-performance is another one who has had a terrible season start, Bolton Wonderers who has received 13 goals.

Frustratingly, the attack seems to work very good since the transfer season ended. The team creates a lot of chances, and against Blackburn they managed to take 3 of them in a very enthusiastic manner, with goals scored at the end of very well thought offensive plays.

With all these going on at the club, reports have appeared of players requesting a new defensive coach. Arsenal has a former defending glory in Pat Rice, but they have no defensive coach at the team. According to today’s Daily Mirror, some of the players think they need a defensive coach who can weld the new defenders who have been transferred in.

What do you think? Does Arsenal indeed need a defensive coach? Or would we be better off with a new manager?