Should Wenger be worried about his job right now?

Wenger seems genuinely upset with his players after the Blackburn game, but despite all this his top priority still is to make Arsenal fans happy and to do that he needs to win games and trophies. This time last season Arsenal was running at full throttle, but this season they need something big if they want to be able to get back in the title race.

“At the end of the day and at the end of the season you know yourself whether you took the maximum out of the team and the team’s potential or not”, said Wenger after the game.

“I want our fans just to be happy and you make your fans happy if you win things and if you win games. That I think is that.

“My thoughts on the game? Frustration, it’s not acceptable to make the mistakes we made when we were two one up in such an important game.

“It’s very difficult to take and what is more frustrating is that it was not all negative, we had long spells in the game where we were playing well.

“But we are just not focused enough on what makes you win games and lose games. We had an experienced team out today and you know that in the weaker periods it’s important on set-pieces to be focused, that’s where you are in trouble.”

The Frenchman led Arsenal to the worst season start in a very long time. Despite his huge contribution to the club, he must now do something in order to get Arsenal up and running again if he wants to keep his job.