Gazidis – We don’t support Wenger because of his past….

Chief-executive Ivan Gazidis is clearly backing manager Arsene Wenger up after the few mishaps Arsenal had in the start of the season, and thinks that it’s only a matter of time until the team will manage to bounce back from the bad shape they find themselves in.

“Arsène is very focused on what we need to do, and is as passionate as any human being can possibly be,”, said Gazidis for Arsenal’s official website

“He wants this Club to achieve success more than anybody else.

“That is his wish, his desire and his focus, morning noon and night. We don’t support him out of sentimental reasons because of what he has done in the past.

“We work with him every day and we see the kinds of pressures and challenges he is under and the magnificent responses to those.

“The media likes to portray things in black and white,”

“Either you are a success or you are completely humiliated – every single day in this business is a competition and a battle.

“He is recognised around the world not only as an inspirational leader but a battler and ultimately a winner.

“I believe for very solid reasons that he is the man to get us back on track.” (

This is the worst season start since Wenger joined Arsenal, but the club seems to be peaceful about it and everybody seems to trust Wenger’s abilities to bounce back from the lack of form. Wenger’s next task will be at the Emirates stadium against Bolton Wonderers. Let’s hope that last night’s result will spur the first team on to get another desperately needed three points.

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