Wenger wants to win trophies starting with the Carling Cup

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger stated that he will make sure Arsenal doesn’t lose the Carling Cup the way it did last year in the final against Birmingham, and that he will take into consideration the opponent’s abilities before sending a team in.

Tuesday against Shrewsbury Town, Wenger pulled out of his sleeve a very young yet talented team and some of the players seen on the field could one day represent Arsenal in big Premier League games. For others, like Chamberlain that day may not be all that far after the brilliant performance he had last night.

“The players took responsibility and grew into the game, especially the younger ones,”, Arsene Wenger stated for Arsenal.com

“Of course we know [Emmanuel] Frimpong and [Ignasi] Miquel because they have played already but players like Francis Coquelin and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain grew tonight. That is very positive.

“We will try to go for it in this competition and adjust the team to the difficulty we face in every game.” (Arsenal.com)

It could be a very healthy approach if Wenger will manage to indeed win the Carling Cup. A trophy won so early in the season could boost the team’s confidence and could also end the 6 year drought. But Arsenal is still at the beginning of the competition and much can happen until the end. Let’s just hope they will be able to do it.

***Arsenal v Shrewsbury Carling Cup Highlights***