Van Persie blasts at Arsenal’s defenders.

Arsenal’s captain Robin Van Persie says that the club’s players must stay together through the rough parts, but he also launches an attack against the defense saying the two own goals were not down to bad luck.

“It is important that we stay positive,” said striker Van Persie. “That can be hard, because everyone is frustrated and we realize that this is our worst start in the league for a while, but we have to stay together, be strong and make sure not to hide or become introverted.”

“Games like Saturday’s happen, but we must not go into our shell. We should be proud of who we are and aware that we are only five games in, with so much still to play for.”

The striker attacked the defensive part of the team a little by saying:

“The facts are we went in front twice (against Blackburn) and didn’t defend well enough thereafter,”

“It is strange because, in earlier games, Udinese being a classic example, we had managed to do it – fighting for a good result and keeping it. Now we have to show people we can do it week in, week out.”

“Yes, we were a bit unlucky at Ewood Park, but I am someone who believes you bring luck to yourselves – and scoring two own goals is not down to bad luck.

“We don’t blame individuals, but we have to look a bit more closely at things.”(The Mirror)

Captain after Fabregas’ departure, Van Persie has now become the most important player at Arsenal. His attack against the defenders shows clear signs of frustration amongst the team, and  it also shows that if Arsenal will have more games like the one at Blackburn, Wenger will have to worry about a riot being started between the attacking and the defensive sides of his team.