Wenger:”Let’s continue to play our game”

Arsene Wenger was quite satisfied with the offensive side of his team in the game against Blackburn Rovers. The team had 20 shots on target, and according to the boss that’s exactly what he wants from them, and correlated with a better, more secure defence, Arsenal should be able to bounce back from the lack of form they have been experiencing since the start of the season.

Wenger also spoke about the importance of the fans being there for the team, and that he thinks the team must persuade the crowd into singing for them by the game they play.

“I always feel that the vibes have to come out from the team,” he told Arsenal.com

“If the vibes coming out from the team are right, the crowd will follow and support us.”

“So let’s focus on us being right because the crowd feels that. We believe they have to trust us on that.”

“We will bounce back and I think it starts from us being determined, from us being united, from us trusting each other and us playing the football we want to play. Let’s focus on that quality. We had 20 shots on goal at Blackburn; let’s continue to play our game.”(Arsenal.com)

If Wenger manages indeed to make his defence more aware of what is happening around them, Arsenal has a fat chance to come break the bad spell. What would you think Arsenal would do if the attack would work in the same way, but the defence would manage not to fall asleep during the game?

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