Van Persie or Vermaelen could leave if contracts won’t be extended

Arsene Wenger wants to start negotiating new contracts early in the season to avoid any incident like the one with Nasri. Last summer, Wenger tried to talk some sense into Nasri, but he didn’t want to sign another contract and waited to see what Fabregas will do. As soon as Fabregas left for Barcelona’s, Nasri immediately took off to Manchester City.

“Yes, this starts now,” said Wenger. “We will try to convince them. Our desire is there to do it and we are ready to sit down with them.

“After that we see where we go but the gap on that front has become bigger for us so, today, I cannot say that if we go to the maximum [deal] we are sure to sign a player – even if we do that we are not sure.”

Wenger was reminded of the terrible turn of events from last summer when Arsenal lost two very impressive midfielders to Barcelona and Manchester City.

“I always said that Cesc was a bargain,” said Wenger. “We were forced into a situation because for me he is one of the best midfielders in the world and we knew that we would sell him under what he’s worth.

“With Nasri at least we got a reasonable price for a player with one year to go.”

It’s a good policy to start the negotiations early in the season due to the things other clubs do in order to make sure they land a player. Allowing a player to reach his last contract season is a mistake now-a-days, especially for clubs like Arsenal which don’t pay the players like other clubs use to.

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