Wenger:”The North London derby is more important than any game”

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger says that the North London Derby against Tottenham has a bigger importance than any other game in the English Premier League, and that you can feel the tension around the grounds rising as the derby closes in.

“I knew after two days because when you see Pat Rice you realise the game is important,” Wenger said.

“I didn’t know what the North London derby was like before I arrived here. I [thought I] knew, but when you experience it, it is different.

“In England you have some derbies that are really passionate – Tottenham-Arsenal, Liverpool-Everton, Man United-Man City,” he added.

“In terms of Pat Rice you see that people are becoming a bit more nervous when the derby comes. The players feel the importance of the games.”

The game between Tottenham and Arsenal will be the most important of the week. After a very poor start of the season by both sides, this game might be the turning point of the season. If any of the teams manage to win it will bring a huge morale boost within the club, and Arsene Wenger and Harry Redknapp know the importance of the derby better than anybody.