Would bringing Viera back have solved things?

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Dennis Bergkamp spoke partly about how signing fellow legend Patrick Viera back to the club would’ve been perfect for Arsenal’s midfield strength.

As well as noting how Van Persie is being played out of position as a centre-forward – rather than a support striker – he also commented on the lack of a traditional defensive midfielder like Viera to really play the midfield hardman role. Alex Song and Emmanuel Frimpong have their moments, but the latter is inexperienced and Song seems to have enjoyed attacking a lot more of late.

It is true that Wenger needs a player with the sole aim of defending and not mixing with the attack. It can be very productive to have a player like Song, who does both, but having a guaranteed presence in front of the backline would only give the rest of the midfield the confidence to play the usual Arsenal way.

Bergkamp made a good point in saying that “the midfielders are all the same sort of players”. Indeed, they all have similar traits, the trio of Arshavin, Benayoun and Rosicky perhaps bearing the most similarities to eachother whilst Arteta and Ramsey aren’t a million miles away either.

Now that Viera is Football Development Executive at Manchester City, it is too late to even consider such a deal but the fact remains that there is still a need for a figurehead in the dressing room. It seems unlikely that it will emerge from the current crop of self-doubting talents.