Review – Arsenal defeat Chelsea 5-3 with an incredible performance

Arsene Wenger’s boys managed to defeat Chelsea in what could prove to be as the most impressive football match of the season. The two teams played a very tough and spectacular match which ended 5-3 for The Gunners.

Robin Van Persie proved once more to be the most important player for Arsenal after he succeeded in scoring a hat-trick in today’s match thus giving a helping hand in the club’s best performance since the start of the season.

People were talking about Arsenal being “back from the dead” after the 4th consecutive wins Wenger’s team gathered ahead of the Chelsea match, but now they managed to prove that those were not only rumours and that they indeed managed to bounce back from a very poor start of the season.

The match didn’t start well at all for Arsenal who saw themselves lead after only 14 minutes when Lampard took the score to 1-0 for Chelsea. Wenger’s team pushed on and Van Persie managed to snatch one back in the 36th minute, only 3 minutes before Sturridge had his goal annulled for an offside position.

When things were looking poised to end in draw at halftime, Chelsea managed to score through John Terry after central defender Per Mertesacker lost his opponent from marking at a corner. The two teams went to the dressing rooms with Arsenal trailing, but they had no idea what was about to happen.

Arsenal came backs steaming and after just 10 minutes they were leading 3-2 through a splendid goal by Santos and a very good run by Walcott with a nice finish at the end.

After the goal Chelsea started putting pressure on Wenger’s team again and in the 80th minute offensive midfielder Juan Mata scored what will probably be the best goal of the season with a superb long range shot.

Arsenal managed to push on and take the lead in the 85th minute through Van Persie, before the Dutch managed to take away his third and thus completing the hat-trick in the 92nd minute of the game.

With this win Arsenal now has 5 consecutive victories and they moved up in the rankings to the 6th position, at least until the rest of this weekend’s Premier League games will be played. Wenger seems to have managed to mend the problems Arsenal had in the start of the season, and they now seem ready to attack the title if they continue to have the same kind of performances.