Wenger – How many more does Van Persie have to score?

Arsene Wenger is sure of the fact that he made the right decision when he decided to move his team captain Robin Van Persie in the central forward position at the start of the season. Van Persie was fairly good playing in the wing, but since the Frenchman moved the lad into the centre of his attacking team the Dutch striker became the best in the Premier League, and he has statistics to prove it.

“Robin has scored 28 in 27 games and still people tell me he is not a centre forward,” Wenger said. “How many goals does a centre forward have to score?”

“We are a team that goes forward a lot and players spend a lot of time in the final third.”

“His movement is exceptional and his confidence is so high that he takes advantages of all situations. I believe that the captaincy has helped too.”

Despite the very poor start of the season Van Persie is now leading the top scorers table with 10 goals, one more than City stars Dzeko and Aguero, and also one more than Manchester United’s star Wayne Rooney. The Dutch striker seems to have reached the peak of his career in this season. Let’s just hope it won’t wear off and that he will continue the same for all throughout the season.