Wenger knows Arsenal has a lot to make up for

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger dismisses the possibility of acting like title contenders for the moment, but says that if The Gunners will continue having the same kind of performances and win more consecutive games they’ll shortly be back in the race.

“It is too early to say that,” said the manager. “If we win a few more games, why not? At the moment I do not think we are far enough to say that.”

“We are only three points behind Chelsea but we need a strong period and Manchester City need a weaker period which they are not having at the moment. “

“At the moment, we are not near enough to say we are playing for the championship but we want to come back. We are back already in a position where we can aspire to be in the top four. We were not three weeks ago.”

“Mathematically we are not out of it but you have to be closer to speak about it. We are 12 points behind Man City and that is too much. So for us, let’s be humble and progressive.”

Currently Arsenal is 12 points behind Manchester City in the board and even though that doesn’t seem much at the moment, if we think about the way Manchester City is playing lately it’s going to be a tough battle for Wenger to recover the deficit.