Arsenal rumours roundup Oct 10 – Hazard, Arshavin, Coquelin, Martin and Wellington Silva

It’s not a boring day for Gunner fans out there, but it’s not a very good day either. Arsenal’s transfer rumours for the day speak only about players who wish to leave the club or players who don’t wish to join it.

Hazard, a long term target for Arsene Wenger and his staff has now blown away almost every chance for Arsenal to transfer him by saying that he wishes to play for Real Madrid. So despite all the efforts and bids Wenger put in for the player, it seems that the Belgian won’t be joining Arsenal after all.

“I want to play for Real Madrid. I do not want to play for any other team.”, said Hazard in the Spanish press.

Speaking of players in the French league, ESPN says that Marvin Martin seems to be looking for a switch to Spain as well. The midfielder wanted by Wenger in the summer expressed his wish to join Spain or a powerful French club at the end of the season.

“This summer I intend to leave Sochaux,” Martin told RMC Sport. “I really like Spain. It is a beautiful championship. But if a big French club is interested, there is no problem, I’ll stay in France.

“On reflection, I think I made the right choice [signing a new contract]. The most important thing when you’re young is to play. This is what I do at Sochaux.”

More bad news is coming from Spain as The Mirror says that Arsenal teenager Wellington Silva launched an attack at his current club Levante for not getting the chance to play. In all fairness, why did they bring the player on loan if they didn’t intend to play him at least a few minutes every now and then?

Finally, coming back to Arsenal, it looks like the team is about to lose two very talented players because they can’t find a spot in the first team anymore. Russian Winger Andrey Arshavin and young defensive midfielder Francis Coquelin have both publically expressed their wishes to leave the club if the situation doesn’t improve in their favour.

“Right now I don’t think about changing clubs. If I will be benched for a very long time, then such an issue might be relevant,” Arshavin told a Russian newspaper.

“I still want to play for 90 minutes, but now I am glued to the bench. I wouldn’t like to play for a Russian club other than Zenit.”, declared Arshavin for a Russian newspaper frustrated that Gervinho outgunned him in the race for a first team spot.

The young Coquelin is even more vehement about his options to leave the club and stated:

“I thought I had a shot to play so I decided to stay at Arsenal.

“I played a lot at first, even big games, but when players came back from injury I just disappeared.

“It is often said that when you are young you have time but I played a whole season at Lorient and now I’m virtually not playing at all. It’s annoying.

“Given my playing time here, the idea of a departure this winter is in my head for sure.”

Wenger must get a grip before he finds himself in the middle of a revolution at the club. You could understand why Arshavin would want to leave, but Coquelin is basically still a cub and he shouldn’t have been allowed to even think about leaving the club, yet alone publically speak about it. Sure, perhaps a loan would be a good idea, but judging by the way he said it I don’t think he was thinking about a loan more.