Wellington Silva is causing problems again. What should Wenger do?

Arsenal’s loaned out player Wellington Silva seems to be the most problematic player that manager Arsene Wenger ever had to take care of. Currently on a loan spell at Levante, the player attacked his club on Twitter for not playing him enough.

“Another week and nothing, everything continues in the same manner. How much longer is it going to be like this?”

“Some people fear changes, I fear that the things never change!”

The player is not at his first offence. He also had problems with his Levante coach previously, but also with his Fulminense coach just before joining Arsenal.

“I want him to be more professional in his behaviour. Arsenal want us to work and help him and not only in terms of football”.

“We’ve drawn up a programme for him and I want more time spent with his team-mates to help him settle and with the different language. He does have a problem settling in, being lonely. It’s important that he has someone to help and guide him”., said Levante’s manager Luis Garcia

Arsene Wenger will have to smack Silva around a bit to get his head back in the game. The striker has a lot of potential but with a attitude like this he won’t get anywhere fast.