Barcelona have the nerve to target Song. What should Wenger do about it?

Spanish giants Barcelona seem to have made their sole purpose in life to mess with Wenger’s head. After taking Henry and Fabregas from him, now the Catalans have now set eyes on Arsenal’s defensive midfielder Alexandre Song according to The Mirror.

Now if it were let’s say Wigan, Wenger would have had nothing to worry about. But very few players have the power to reject Barcelona when a deal comes in, and even though Song seems to be very happy at Arsenal you can never quite know what’s in the player’s head.

The 24-year-old defensive midfielder has been with Arsenal since 2005 when he joined at only 18, and has now managed to turn in the player Arsene Wenger wanted him to be. He’s robust, he’s fast, passes the ball well and he’s very secure when he comes to help the defence.

The Cameroon international still has another 3 seasons of contract with Arsenal, but Wenger already attempted to extend his contract with another 5. The player refused the first attempt, but the Frenchman is bound to try again.

Given that Fabregas is now at Barcelona, Guardiola will be even more driven to steal Song from Arsenal, and perhaps the midfielder will also get persuaded by Fabregas to go. Do you think it would be a wise choice?