Lucho Gonzales still wants the Arsenal transfer. What should Wenger do?

Arsenal’s summer transfer target Lucho Gonzales isn’t ruling out the possibility to join The Gunners despite the failed attempts which took place in the summer.

The 30-year-old was wanted by Wenger before the deal was made with Arteta, and even though he signed a new contract with French club Marseille the player stated for Mais Futebol:

“Arsenal? It’s a great club who we have already played twice in this season’s Champions League,”

“I feel I will continue at Marseille because I have signed a contract here, but it all depends on the offers and Marseille’s interest.”

“If there is a good club that comes in for me then what will happen remains to be seen.”

Even though Lucho is a top class player we must stay realistic and acknowledge that he has no place to play at Arsenal. If transferred he would become the second oldest player in the squad after Rosicky and we all know that this is not Wenger’s policy. Perhaps the Argentine international could still get a big contract in one of the richer countries of world football like Russia.