Wenger wants to rotate. Does Arsenal have a good enough squad?

Arsenal’s manager is starting to worry about the fact that his players might get fatigued by playing two games a week each week, and he is now taking into consideration to rotate a massive part of the first team if he ever needs to.

“I will certainly rotate more because we have to face so many games,” Wenger told Arsenal.com

“I think it was last year at Sunderland that we changed 10 players because we played three days later at Manchester City. Everybody asked me why I did it but you have to rotate at some stage and that is why we have a big squad. “

“We were a bit lucky with the international break because people like Mertesacker, Koscielny and Vermaelen played only one game. So we cannot complain. “

“For us it’s more a focus on our next target and to get back quickly from international to club level. We need the same focus we showed just before the break.”

The Frenchman spoke about the reason why Robin Van Persie was available only for one game for the Dutch national team instead of two.

“We had an agreement,” explained Wenger. “I believe that in these friendlies, if you have a player in England who has no winter break and will be going into a tournament at some stage you need them to not be overloaded.”

“I think it is for the benefit of those countries as well.”

The manager is wise to take care of his players even when they are away on international duty. Although at the moment things are good, the season is long and fatigue will become a big factor if Arsenal won’t fall out of any cup race they are in at the moment.