Wenger drops the idea to leave Arsenal

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger is completely committed to the club although at the beginning of the season he offered a statement saying he will leave. People misinterpreted that, but the manager was only trying to say that if his team doesn’t perform and people want him to leave he’ll leave.

“I wanted just to say that this is the Club of my life,” he told Arsenal.com

“I have a contract that I will honour and the only way I would one day consider [leaving] is if I feel I have not done well enough for the Club.”

“You cannot say you love the Club and have a start like we had then ignore it. That is just what I wanted to say.”

“There is no mixed message in there. My commitment and love for this Club is total. The only way I would consider [my future] is if I was not doing well enough for the Club.”

Wenger is one of the most important managers in Arsenal’s history, and now after a whooping 15 years at the club the Frenchman can be satisfied with the thought that he managed to pull his team right back into form.

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