Wenger unsure if van Persie will stay

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger is unsure that Dutch striker Robin Van Persie will stay at the club and ignore Fabregas’ advice to leave soon, but he is hopeful that the current English Premier League top goal scorer will end his career with the Gunners.

“Van Persie is 28, Fabregas and Nasri left at 24. My dream is that Van Persie stays until the end of his career at this Club. I will do the maximum I can to try to convince him and I hope I will manage to do that.”

“He has some competitors there but he is one of the best of course. It is always difficult to say he is the only one. He is exceptional and he has something that you cannot give to people.”

“Today he finished with a chip on his right foot – and I have never seen a bigger left-footed player than Robin van Persie. He always makes the right decisions in a fraction of a second when there is little time available. That makes him exceptional.”

Arsenal could use the services of Robin Van Persie for many years to come, and at the moment he proves time and time again to be the only one keeping the club going, so we all hope that Wenger will manage to convince him to sign another 5 year-long contract and end his career at Arsenal.