Wenger supports Wilshere in his bet against Spurs fans

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger is 100% behind his players even though the topic is not football related. After Wilshere publically placed a bet with Tottenham’s fans today on Twitter, the Frenchman came to support his idea.

“Jack made a contest,” said Wenger. “The good thing about that is that a charity will get some money. “

“He said that the supporters of Tottenham will have to pay £1 each, so because they have many I hope the charity will get a lot of money and Wilshere will not have to pay anything. “

“[The challenge shows] that we are ready for a challenge and the charity will get some money.”

The Frenchman also spoke about Jack’s injury.

“The news is good but he will not be available before the end of January”

Wilshere is most probable to win the bet and thus the charity house will get quite a decent amount if Tottenham’s fans will keep their end of the deal. Arsenal is now behind Totenham, but judging by the place they were in 4 weeks ago it’s a stunning improvement.