Wenger patronises English clubs after CHL qualification

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger patronised his direct Premiership direct opponents underlining that The Gunners are the first club from England to qualify in the Champions League knockout stage this season, despite coming after a very difficult period at the club.

“Yes – I have to be very cautious what I say.”

“I think yes as Manchester United could have qualified [on Tuesday] night, and of course everyone expects Manchester City to qualify.”

“It is difficult at that level. I have never played an easy game in the Champions League.”

“I have played 150 games in the Champions League and every game gives different problems.”

“The groups were very difficult for the Premier League teams. The level has gone up a lot and we were in a difficult group, so I am very happy and pleased to see where we have come from.”

“When we drew Udinese in the qualifier you couldn’t not bet exactly that we would go through as we did. So overall I’m very happy because we came through a very difficult period.”

“We focused, we are united and we worked hard. Together.”

Wenger clearly pointed out a bit the fact that his team did so much better than the others, but after what he’s been through with the club in these past 3 months he has every right to do so. Critics should be criticised themselves sometimes, and this would be the best time for Wenger to do so.