Wenger can’t wait for goal-line technology to come in next season

The FA revealed this week that after testing of goal-line technology systems, they have now decided that they could be officially used in Premiership games as early as next season, and Arsene Wenger wants them brought in as quickly as possible.

The Arsenal manager said yesterday when asked for his comments on the news, and he replied very positively. “The sooner, the better for me,” he said.

“The sooner they go further, the better. I have always been a big fan of it and given it every support.

“There are no doubts for me. The concern of course is that the technology can make mistakes but still statistically we will improve a lot.

“Overall, we all have memories of when this technology would stop an injustice, so let’s go for it – as quickly as possible.”

There have so many “dodgy” decisions given by referees, especially in important European matches, that I just have to agree that anything that over-rules a ref’s ‘opinion’ can only be good for the game.