Vermaelen – People were telling me to leave Arsenal

Arsenal’s central defender Thomas Vermaelen declared that he was close to join the outcast list last summer when Fabregas went home to Barcelona and Clichy and Nasri joined Manchester City.

“I thought about it really long and hard because I knew there were some doubts about the club. But the most important thing for me is that I feel happy here.”, said Vermaelen

“Another thing is that I’ve only played one year; my first. Last year I was injured, so I thought I had to give something back to the club and the fans. I felt, for me, it wasnt done here.”

“I still believe in the club and the structure of it is really good, so these are the main reasons I stayed.”

“People think if things are difficult it is always better at another club.”

“But if things are not going as you want in the beginning it doesnt mean you have to quit.”

“Thats the job, you have to fight for it and get better and better.”

“Its easy to quit and go somewhere else, but that doesn’t mean somewhere else is better.”

“This is a really nice club, I feel at home here. The board, the boss, the fans … they have a lot of belief in me, so why should I leave?”

The Belgian has been the best central defender at the club this season and he proved once again that he has some huge potential and that he can be of real help to the team when he’s fit.

Although the last summer was a very tough time for Wenger things are looking up for the French manager and Arsenal seems to be back on track after all the problems they had.