Wenger – Forget about Nasri and focus on Arsenal

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger doesn’t hold a grudge against former Gunner Samir Nasri after the French midfielder chose Manchester City’s money and left in the summer. The boss thinks that it’s more important for the fans to focus on the supported team than on a player from the opposing team.

‘You want to respect the players who have played for us, that is what we expect,’ Wenger said.

‘But it is always more important to support our team on Tuesday night, than to be negative towards the players of Manchester City. ‘

‘What is important is we are united to win the game.’

‘In the Carling Cup, we have different people here, many who are very young,’ said the Gunners boss.

‘We make the prices very cheap for young people and you feel there is a happiness to be there on the night and hopefully we can keep them happy.’

‘The championship is more important than the Carling Cup, but on the night we will want to win the game. ‘

‘It is important to keep our run going because every win makes us stronger, so we will not go out there not caring about winning.’

Samir Nasri is likely to receive some heat from the Emirates fans after the ugly summer departure. The midfielder is though unlikely to be on the pitch as Roberto Mancini will probably use some of the players who don’t get to play that much in the championship.