Humble Miquel looks ready to step up to Arsenal’s first team

Many Arsenal fans may not have heard of his name before the start of the season, or even until the recent Carling Cup match against Manchester City. Ignasi Miquel played well on his flank against the dangerous Adam Johnson and looked assured for the whole match bar the first few minutes. In fact, he was not on the pitch when Aguero scored the winning goal.

More impressively, he was playing out of position. Much like Koscielny for the first team presently, Miquel was playing on the wing (left fullback) instead of his usual central position.

Miquel himself commented on the change, “I played left-back again and I’m not used to that. I have been injured for the last two weeks and so my fitness wasn’t quite what it could have been either. It was quite a hard game. But if you get the chance to play for the first team you don’t care where you play. I know this is a hard position for me to move from centre-back to left-back but if I get the chance I really don’t mind.”

Moving forward, it would be great to have a talented and eager lad like him playing for the team. He seems to be hinting quite strongly that he might take the left-back role in place of Santos in future, which is something that is still very much in the air.

While presently he may not have an extended stint in the first-team, I hope that he has the patience to wait his turn. He looks a promising defender so I hope he will remain patient and wait for his opportunities. Very encouragingly he also acknowledged the need for him to work hard to win a place, “I think the main thing now is to work hard. You learn from your mistakes. I don’t think I can do much more. If I work and try to see what I’ve done wrong then I can only improve. It’s the only way to grow.”

That is all very much in line from the Spanish defender, who looks to be another star for the Gunners.

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