Marseille – Arsenal Didn’t Offer Valbuena And Now It’s Too Late

According to Vincent Labrune, Marseille’s chairman, there were no offers last summer for the club’s players even though the press was roaring with speculation about a possible transfer to Arsenal for Valbuena, and stated that now the club is not interested in selling anymore.

“On Wednesday afternoon, I spoke with his agent Christope Hutteau for about an hour,” Labrune told L’Equipe.

“It is not a case of whether we want him here or not. There is no question about that for me or for Didier Deschamps, who I spoke to three times yesterday.”

“Last summer we had financial troubles and if anyone had come with an offer for any player I would have listened.”

“But at the moment, sport is more important than money.”

“I can understand the current frustrations of Mathieu. He is an emotional player. I will talk with him on Saturday.”

Valbuena would have been a great addition to Arsenal’s team, but it seems that Wenger was not that much interested in him, and now there won’t surely be any offers because Arsenal has others like Gotze, Hazard or Reus to concentrate their bids on.