Does the exit of Man United and City help Arsenal?

I remembered it was two nights ago where I watched Arsenal losing to Olympiakos. That match was one of the non-stressful matches to watch for any Arsenal fan for a long time. Win or lose, we are still group winners. I was whining that Chelsea went through to the knockout stages the same night. The next night, I felt so elated and popped champagne for celebration after watching both Manchester clubs crashed out of the prestigious UEFA Champions League, Europe’s top tier club competition.

After the intense celebrations with all my fellow gooner buddies, I reflected for a while. So what if City and United were to play in the Europa League? Does it matter to Arsenal?

My first thought was that it does not matter. Arsenal’s jinx in the champions league is Barcelona anyway. Twice in a row Barcelona has knocked us out. Besides, City are relatively poor in Europe anyway. However, with both City and United in the Europa League now, they will conserve more energy for the premier league and it may harm Arsenal instead.

Of course, this will be the perfect chance for Arsenal fans to ‘get back’ at United fans and all the 8-2 crap they ever said about us. Morale in the city will also be very low and it may affect their upcoming heavy schedules. Hopefully, this will also teach fans of Manchester clubs to not be so arrogant with their achievements so far this season, they had not won anything yet.
Manchester City at Real and Barca’s level? Not just yet.

I wished Arsenal would draw Barca again though. You know, third time lucky and stuff like that. We may also teach Cesc a lesson hopefully? Or am I hoping for too much?