Fabregas – We are scared to go out when we lose

The ex-Arsenal captain Cesc Fabregas has admitted that playing for Barcelona is no easy job and that when the team loses the players have to stay indoors to make sure they won’t be harmed by the angry fans.

“I’d given everything for Arsenal.”, said Fabregas

“I played with a broken leg. I played when my grandfather died.”

“He died at 7am. The coach said ‘Go home’ and I said ‘No, I want to play’.”

“I gave everything but you reach a moment when you say: I can’t give any more.””

“I’ll always have that thorn in my side. I wish I had gone having won something.”

“People said I took the easy option. I think I took the hardest option.”

“I’ll have to work twice as hard to win a place.”

“When things go bad they get the white hankies out at the final whistle. You go home and don’t leave the house.”

“In London we lost and I’d still go out and eat.”

This is a bit of a shock because something like this can’t happen in the 21st century, but unfortunately it still does and fans are still doing a lot of stupid things when they’re not satisfied with the way things go, and Fabregas should have known better.