Tony Adams – If Wenger wants me, I’m interested

The Arsenal legend Tony Adams, who made over 500 appearances for the Gunners, has revealed that the novelty of managing his club, Gabala in Azerbaijan, has worn off and he is set for showdown talks with the owner next week to see where his future lies.

Adams revealed that when he first arrived at Gabala his job was to organize everything at the club. “And I mean everything,” he said. “It was all getting too much.

“I was doing the whole lot from ­arranging to have the training pitches marked out to sorting out the ­showers.

“The coaching that I love doing . . well that was just one of a number of things. Then there was the three hour drive to Gabala from Baku every day. My family love Baku but the drive was just taking too much out of me.

“I had to hand over the coaching responsibilities.”

When asked where he thought his next job would be if he returned to the UK, he replied: “It all depends on how the talks go with the president. Coaching is what I love. But back in England?

“There is only one club I would want to go back to and be No.1 or even on the backroom staff – and that is ­Arsenal.

“If Arsene Wenger wanted me to join in some c­apacity, yes, that would interest me a lot. But don’t misunderstand me — I have thoroughly enjoyed the ­experience in ­Azerbaijan. It opened my eyes to many things. Like poverty. ­People in England just do not ­realise how lucky they are.

“The Health Service, for ­instance. What the people in Azerbaijan would give to have a system like that. Real poverty is everywhere.”

Many fans have called for Arsene Wenger to take on a specialist defensive coach, well who would be better than the best captain Arsenal have ever had?

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