Ramsey – Arsenal’s youngsters can be successful for many years

Arsenal’s central midfielder Aaron Ramsey seems to think that once the Gunners manage to win their first trophy they’ll be able to win back to back trophies in the next seasons as well, and think that all Arsenal’s youngsters need is time to develop as a unit.

“There’s plenty of young talent there and we have to bond even more and gel as a team throughout the years,” Ramsey told Arsenal.com “Hopefully we’ll make it successful for many years.

“It’s important that you have that core, that you’ve been together for a few years and you understand each other.

“It’ll only make us stronger because you realise what to do on the pitch.”

The Gunners suffered a big blow at the end of last season and they also lost Fabregas and Nasri, but they now seem to have managed to make their come-back and perhaps even attack the title if they will manage to win against City. Do you think they will?