Kompany – Arsenal are a great team, but Man City can beat them

The Man City midfielder Vincent Kompany thinks that Man City have to bounce back from Monday’s defeat at Chelsea and take all three points from the in-form Arsenal team this weekend.

“Monday has made us feel more hungry,” Kompany said. “We want Sunday to come as quickly as possible and to play football again. That is the kind of team we are. In those kinds of moments we react and we are eager to do it on Sunday.”

“I definitely have a lot of respect for Arsenal,”

“On Sunday, we are looking to do what they have done. They have picked themselves up after a difficult month. The way they have done that is absolutely incredible.

“I consider them as a top team, who will make a top game of it. But we are a difficult team to beat at home. In the big games, even when we didn’t win, we still looked like the team that was most likely to win the game. There is no reason for us to be arrogant about this fixture. Arsenal are a great team. But we can beat great teams.”

“You might have a dream about how your season will go but you don’t have a plan,” he said.

“Looking at it, our position two points clear at the top means the other teams have done an incredible job as well to keep up with it. It just shows there is not going to be an easy way to success this year.

“Our Champions League group was the proof of that, the fact we are playing Manchester United in the FA Cup underlines it even more and after beating Arsenal we now have Liverpool in the Carling Cup semi-final.”

If Kompany remembers back to that Carling Cup match where City had trouble getting past an Arsenal reserve team, he may not be quite so confident about Sundays game………