Wenger – We have our chance to get back into the title race

Arsene Wenger has somehow dragged Arsenal back up the table and are now in a position to make real inroads into the title race if they can win this afternoon’s game against Manchester City.

The Gunners disatrous start to the season included a record 8-2 thrashing by Man Utd last time they visited the city, but Wenger believes the squad have finally got over that defeat and put it all behind them.

“I believe you never forget that but you put it behind you.” he said. “I never give too much importance to big scores because they are always under special circumstances. We conceded four in the last 20 minutes when we were down to 10 men. We were still chasing to come back and every ball they hit went in the top corner. But it’s part of football, and it’s something we don’t want, but I don’t think that will even cross our mind.”

“If you have a strong mental response from your players, if they are mentally strong, it can help,”

“It took us a while to get over it, let’s not fool ourselves, because we won one-nil with a lucky goal against Swansea and we came back slowly. But there is something in the team that shows that we have the resilience.”

“We are on our way to recovery, but we have a big big test on Sunday and let’s see how we survive that test. We are not yet in the title race. We have to come closer to Man City to be really in it, we are in a race for the Champions League places at the moment. And the purpose is to get closer and we have a good opportunity to do it.”

With Chelsea only drawing last night, a win for Arsenal will not only just bring them back up to the fight for the Top Four, but will also leave them just six points behind City, and the race for the title will be once again open to anyone, including Arsenal…..

Take your chance lads!