Wenger – It’s Not A Shop, But We Need A Full-back!

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger admits that there’s a possibility to sign a full-back in January, but according to the Frenchman it all depends on whether Gibbs will be ready to play or not.

Arsenal lost Sagna, Gibbs, Jenkinson and now Santos, so the manager is just waiting to see if Gibbs will come back soon and then decide what Arsenal must buy in this transfer market opening.

“It depends now on Gibbs. He sees a specialist again and if something happens there, that he has had a real setback, then possibly, yes [he would be interested in a deal].

“It is not a shop, you just take a good opportunity that is on the market when you can.

“Overall, that’s what we are doing at the moment. We are starting to look at players if Gibbs is not back.”

Right-back Jenkinson might have a lengthier problem as his situation is delicate. The right-back has back problems, so the Gunners might be in for transferring a right-back not a left-back after all.