Will Arsenal Go For Former Chelsea Full-back Star In January?

Manchester City’s left-back Wayne Bridge can play again in London, but this time it won’t be Chelsea as reports have appeared which are linking the full-back with a possible January transfer to Chelsea rivals Arsenal.

The former English international hasn’t been playing at Manchester City lately and club manager Mancini advices him to accept any move that will come his way.

“For a player [like Bridge] it should be important to play football. I don’t know why someone would want to stay at one club when they know they cannot play.

“When we are young and start to play football, we don’t play for money. We play because we like football and every player should have this target in mind – to play football.

“Wayne is a good guy but for every other player it should be important to play. Wayne has had two or three chances [to go somewhere else].

“In the summer he had the chance to play for Celtic, and this is an important team. I don’t know [what he does on Saturdays]. Golf?

“It’s difficult for a player to stay here every day then not play on Saturdays. When we are here he trains with us and sometimes he trains with the young players.”

Arsenal is in big problems after Song and Santos got injured, but Gibbs or Jenkinson could cover for their absence in case they get fit any time soon. According to French manager Wenger, the Gunners are going to act on the transfer marker after they find out if Gibbs is going to recover.