Wenger Expects More Of The Same. Can Arsenal Provide?

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger agreed that the win against Aston Villa was lucky for the Gunners, but also thinks that they deserved the win because the team never gave up the fight and continue to push.

“The draw was maybe fair but we kept going and we took our chance when we had the opportunity,” Wenger told Sky Sports News. “We have to give credit to Villa who had an outstanding commitment and quality. They’re a good side when they play with that kind of attitude.

“Our formidable spirit got us through and Yossi Benayoun got us three more points from the corner – which is unusual for us. And we’re very happy.

“We’ve had two very difficult away games over Christmas. First Manchester City and now Villa.

“Mentally and physically we gave everything on Sunday. You could see that some legs were tired tonight.”

Arsenal will have to continue pushing on in order to finish the season on a high, but Wenger is right they did have a bit of luck last night with Benayoun’s corner-kick goal. Do you think they deserved the win?