Time for Arsenal to unleash The Ox!

A lot will be made of Oxlade-Chamberlain’s games in the League Cup and Champions League. People will speculate about The Ox’s ability and judge him just by these few games but as anyone who has been watching football for long enough will know, it takes more than just five or ten games to get to know a player.

In this festive season, Oxlade-Chamberlain may finally get the gift that he wanted – to play and prove himself in the Premier League too – and we can get a better idea of how good or otherwise he is.

“I can’t say when I will play, I don’t know, that’s for the boss to say really, there are a lot of games and maybe it is a time where players are going to be rested. It’s a lot of work for the body physically so if I am required then I’m ready. I’m looking forward to getting an opportunity and I will try and take my chance.”

It is always great to have such a young and ambitious lad raring to go (unlike a certain Russian), all the more as he is English and particularly promising too.

Most people expect Arsene Wenger to rest a few players and therefore give players like Oxlade-Chamberlain a chance to play and it is likely that he will fill in for Gervinho or Walcott when the Ivorian or his English counterpart needs a rest.

Do not expect fireworks though when he is on the pitch. The Ox is still young, learning and not necessarily a game-changer as of yet. Nonetheless, he should exhibit some of his strength and dribbling ability and that will be a treat for Arsenal fans to watch. He may not net goals, make 40 yard passes or play incredibly well but at least he will have a chance to experience playing in a Premier League match and give Arsenal fans a chance to see him in action.